At Last! – The long awaited sequel to the bestselling healing music album “Aligning to Zero” is finally here!
Announcing – “At Zero” 
If you would love to have any of these seemingly miraculous benefits…
  • Increased relaxation
  • Relief of stress
  • Healing of pain
  • Increased ESP talents
  • Accelerated healing
  • Better intimacy
  • Enhanced Imagery
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Improved performance
  • Better health
  • More inspiration
  • Alignment of energy centers
  • Creative breakthroughs
  • Instant “Flow” state
Get “At Zero” today and experience the real magic of this truly serene, spirit elevating, divine music – Guaranteed!
And all you do is relax and listen as you do whatever you want!
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Listen to the samples of "At Zero" Below!
From the E-Desk of Dr. Joe Vitale
Wimberley, Texas, USA
Dear Friend,

Hear that?

Probably not.

Yet right now your body and mind are being affected by the sounds you can hear, and even the sounds you can’t consciously pick out.

You are being bombarded with sounds that most likely aren’t helping you, or healing you, let alone relaxing you.

It could be from street noises, neighbors sounds in the air, your own computer, electrical waves from your cell phone, or television, or more.

We don’t pay attention to all these sounds, yet they are eating away at the very core of our lives.

It’s no wonder most of us find it hard to relax or get a good night’s sleep, or much else.

What can we do about this?
But let me paint a different picture for you…
As I write this to you, I am listening to the most serene music I’ve heard in months.

They are seven new tracks of original heavenly music.

Each one soothes your seven energy centers – sometimes called chakras – so you can reconnect with the inner spirit of all life.

It is incredibly beautiful.

It goes beyond “New Age” music or even classical music and is something so ethereal yet so hauntingly beautiful that words can barely describe how it can transform you.

Yet all you do is listen to it – as you do whatever you want – and the music works on your body, mind, and spirit in ways that are so deep and so magical, it is almost supernatural.

This sure beats the sounds of the city, or traffic, or kids, or anything else that doesn’t help or heal you.

And here’s the best news of all:

You may already know that Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon and I created a bestselling album called “Aligning to Zero.” That music changed the lives of so many people, it floored both of us.

As a result of its success, we knew we had to create a follow-up to it.
I’m excited to announce it is now ready for you!
Mathew and I went back into the recording studio and allowed inspiration to lead the way. We wanted seven tracks – just like on the first album – but we wanted new music that would ease you into a state of bliss.

As before, each track was created in a musical key that corresponds with your seven energy centers. This new album would help you relax into oneness with the Divine, too.

But we did a few things different this time.

I still played my famous Healing Guitar, and Mathew played his heavenly music on a very special acoustic guitar.
But this time we added strings (such as a violin) and piano (ohhhh it’s so sweet) and I even added a little soothing harmonica on one track. 
We also used a special hand-made drum that I swear has mojo in it. 

AND Mathew played an acoustic guitar made by one of the MOST famous luthiers on the planet (Linda Manzer).

When Mathew first saw this guitar, he said “It’s a cleaning tool!”
He meant that the special guitar has the ability to help you erase negative beliefs and limiting mental programs.

Imagine how he felt playing it!

All of the above alone makes this new music on "At Zero" serene and transformative, but…
But we didn’t stop there!
We also plugged my Healing Guitar into a synthesizer, and then chose orchestra-like sounds.
As I played my Healing Guitar, the sound of other instruments and earth tones came into being.

Talk about music to your ears!

It reached my soul!

We also let the seven tracks begin at your head (or crown chakra) and work their way down through your body.
In other words, these new tracks start with your mind, to help it let go of the stresses of the day, and then work through the rest of the energy points, ending with you at a state of profound peace.

Imagine how joyful this will feel when you hear it!
It’s like getting a full deep body massage – with music!

This is the antidote to all that “static” in the air our bodies and minds are otherwise subjected to.

This is relief!
The end result is what we call “At Zero.”
Of course, “Zero” is referring to the home of the Divine.

At Zero, there are no problems, issues, challenges, concerns, or data.

You are one with all that is. You are free.

This new album takes you right there.

It calms you, soothes you, relaxes you, transforms you.
"At Zero is a collection of soul soothing sounds. Acoustic Spanish guitars, hypnotic harmonica, and drum beats that conjure up the primordial heart beat of the womb, all rhythmically transport one to a place of internal peace and healing."

--Dr. Rick Barrett
But before you order it right now, let me explain a few things….
As with our first album, there are three reasons this special music works:
Reason #1: Your Energy Centers
You have seven energy centers in your body. In some ancient systems, they are called “Chakras.” They are wheels of energy that spin as you live and breathe. You may or may not feel them, but they are working to keep you alive.

Most experts agree these energy centers need to be aligned and operating smoothly for you to have a happy and healthy life. But any one of them can be off and cause problems.

The seven chakras correspond to these areas of your body (from the bottom up)   
  • 7 - Root or base chakra (survival)
  • 6 - Sacred chakra (sex)
  • 5 - Solar Plexus chakra (power)
  • 4 - Heart chakra (love)
  • ​3 - Throat chakra (communication)
  • ​2 - Third Eye chakra (clairvoyance)
  • ​1 - Crown chakra (wisdom)
You can probably get a sense of how this works in your body and life with a few examples:
  • If you have issues with fear, it may be due to your first energy center.
  • If you have problems with relationships, it may be around your fourth energy center.
  • If you have issues with money, it may be due to your first or even third energy center.
  • ​If you want to increase your psychic abilities, you would work with your sixth energy center.
Reason #2: Music as Healer
 In the book, The Power of Music, author Elena Mannes declares --
"Scientists predict a future in which music will routinely be used as a prescription, when it will alter our genetic makeup, treat immune system disorders, and alter brain function in neurologically disabled and aging parents."
 If that's not exciting enough, Mannes goes on to write –

"Researchers in this relatively new field of study called physio-acoustics are using frequencies of sound to create sympathetic vibration in the deep tissues of the body."

Imagine it! Using sound to not only heal the mind and soothe your body, but to actually influence your very bones!!

If music can actually influence your bone structure, couldn’t it obviously influence your energy centers even more easily?
Hold on to your hat and keep reading…
There’s a field of healing called Music Therapy. I didn't know about it until recently. It's where trained professionals use music to -
  • Promote wellness
  • Manage stress
  • Alleviate pain
  • Express feelings
  • Enhance memory
  • ​Improve communications
  • ​Promote physical healing
The list goes on. There are organizations studying music as therapy and measuring the results scientifically. Obviously, “healing music” is very real. But it’s also not new.

Music has been used in medicine for several thousand years. Ancient Greek philosophers believed music could heal the body and the soul. Native Americans use singing and chanting as part of their healing rituals. Even the American Cancer Society has suggested music as a way to help heal.

Considering the obvious benefits of music as a path to healing, it seemed like the right approach to help align the energy centers of the body, too.

But how would this music actually work to help you?

And that's where the most exciting news of all comes into play
Reason #3: The Power of Ho’oponopono
Mathew Dixon is an accomplished guitar player with several albums to his credit. He's also my guitar teacher. We met when he wanted to know about ho'oponopono, the Hawaiian healing method I wrote about in my bestselling book, Zero Limits.

As a result of our friendship and Mathew's deep thinking, he said he wanted to create an album of music with me – but a very unique one. One where the music actually helps you heal, let go, forgive, release and balance your energy. It would be music to help align your energy centers – all seven of them.
Mathew explained each energy center corresponds to a musical key. He did more research and discovered that the music could be performed, and later mixed in the studio, in such a precise way to actually influence each energy center or chakra.

He further explained that if each track used one of the mantras from the ho’oponopono healing method, then all the tracks combined would actually work together to adjust and align your entire being, with the goal being getting to “zero” – where you have no limits.

In other words, the music would be designed to open all your seven energy centers, get them flowing and working in harmony, and lead to an experience where your limitations are dissolved and you are as close to “zero” or enlightenment as any music could ever accomplish.

Hearing this made me so excited, I was getting goose bumps.

And that’s how we created our first album.
But this time we wanted to take things to a whole new level!
Before I reveal even more details on why this incredible music may be the most SERENE music, the most EUROPHIC music, the most DIVINE music you’ve ever heard – EVER! – let me share a few more facts with you:

Consider how this exquisite music was designed –
  • Each track was written by me and Mathew Dixon
  • Each track was played with my Healing Guitar, both the patches of waves and background sounds, and the secondary lead guitar, were performed by me
  • Each track is in a different musical key, each designed to align your energy centers so they are open and flowing for optimal benefit to you
  • Each track is at 62 beats a minute, which science reveals is the ultimate for a mellow yet alert state; and sometimes the beats double, to give you an uplifting feeling
  • The entire experience is dedicated to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, the man who personally taught me ho’oponopono back in 2004
  • ​Each track is in a different key, each designed to align your energy centers so they are open and flowing for optimal benefit             to you. (Tracks two and three are in the same key, but the actual music is completely different.)
  • Each track was inspired by “zero” or the Divine, and was played through Mathew and myself
  • We added the sweet sound of a healing hand-made drum
  • ​We also played a special “cleaning” guitar made by Linda Manzer
  • ​I played a little soft harmonica riff on one track to activate healing energy in you
  • ​This new album is as long as our first, mostly because everyone said they wanted music so they can put the music on as they got a massage, did yoga, walked, slept, rested, and so on
  • Each track contains my voice saying the four healing phrases (I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you) at a level your conscious mind can’t hear but your unconscious mind can
As you can see, this new album follows in the spirit of our first one, yet goes way beyond it in energy, power, and spirit.

The track names on this new album correspond to the gemstones and colors for each energy center in your body.

 Working from the top of your head down, they are as follows:
  • Track 1: Amethyst
  • Track 2: Sodalite
  • Track 3: Azurite
  • ​Track 4: Kunzite
  • ​Track 5: Yellow Calcite
  • ​Track 6: Tiger Eye
  • ​Track 7: Obsidian
These tracks are truly astonishing.

But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s how you can find out for yourself what this music can do for you…
Listen to these beautiful interludes from At Zero By Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon.
You MUST Hear This!
Mathew and I feel that this music is worth thousands of dollars.

After all, what is your health, well being, and peace of mind worth?

Medical bills, doctor visits, prescriptions, and even visits to alternative doctors, health food stores, and healing practicioners will add up FAST.

Clearly your serenity is priceless.

You’d have to agree to that, right?

What we decided to do is price "At Zero," as with "Aligning to Zero," low and fair.

There’s really no way to fully experience the music without buying the tracks right now and listening. With that in mind, we made it easy to order:

Note: The music comes as a package, meaning you get all seven tracks as a download. You can’t buy just one track, as that would be an imbalance to your system. In other words, you would be listening to one sound, and opening one center, but the others would be neglected. You want to open all seven energy centers, so you want all seven tracks.
But before you order right now, let me assure you that your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.
YES! Your 100% Guarantee!
Obviously, "At Zero" is special music.
Mathew and I felt inspired as we created the music, as if we were led by the “Great Spirit” to deliver this delicious music to you and your loved ones.

Mathew told me he felt guided when he was in the studio, adjusting the sound levels and pace so the tracks were aligned to your energy centers.

I felt the same energy – as if an unseen heavenly hand guided my guitar playing.

I more or less “tranced out” as I was playing, as the Divine led the way.

There were times when we were playing the music in the famous Zero Limits Studio when we both lost track of time. We were “in the flow” and “at one” with Source.

And of course, a lot of hard science and ancient culture went into the making of this special music.

I’m not sure what else to say except you need to experience this music for yourself.

After all, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

All that is left is for you to listen and feel the music.

Click Here to Pick Up YOUR copy today!
The download is easy and fast, and only costs $19.95.
100% Money Back Guarantee

YES! Your 100% Guarantee!

Yes, we are guaranteeing our album.

I've been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2003. I stand behind my name and my products.

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. 

Try the music for eight weeks.
What Are You Waiting For?
As you can see, At Zero is special music.
P.S: Obviously, your health, well being and peace of mind are priceless. How much are doctor visits? How much are prescriptions? How much is therapy? Even if you go to an alternative healer, the costs can add up fast. I’m offering you a way to help yourself for around $25 (or less, if you get the downloads). "At Zero" is designed to work whether you believe it or not, and whether you do anything else or not. You can even fall asleep while it plays. All we ask is that you listen to it as often as you like, and note the positive changes. Take 8 weeks to decide. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. All you need to do is choose either the downloadable tracks or the music CD delivered to you. Why not order right now, while it’s on your mind? You deserve it, right?
NOTE: The music we offer is for entertainment purposes only. We are not making any medical, psychological, or therapeutic claims. Do not stop seeing your doctor, or taking medications, or taking care of your health. This music is designed to assist you in relaxing, which is essential to health and healing.
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